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Emelda has a new mosquito net!

Dear Subash, Kandace, and Volunteers,

Emelda came in to the MED25 Clinic with her one month old son to receive his first check-up and immunization visit. He is weighing in at a healthy weight and his mom, Emelda, is already doing the right steps to care for her young baby….getting him immunized!

She shared with us her concern about other issues, specifically malaria, and how she needed help in keeping her children safe from those concerns. Their home has only one malaria net that is old and tattered. The adults have to share it with their small child, who sits on Emelda’s lap. She expressed her concern that she could not protect her young children. You could sense the worry in her voice.

She was very appreciative of being given a free net thanks to your generosity and the work of MED25. This net would have been cost prohibitive for her to purchase. Nets sell at the store for at least 500 ksh (~$6 US) each. Most of the people in these villages survive on less than 80 ksh (95 US cents) for day for all expenses — food, shelter, clothing, school fees, water — so although nets are extremely important, there are unfortunate trade-offs you need to make when there is limited to no money available. This net allows her to be more confident that her newborn and his older sibling will be protected from malaria, a disease that kills over 660,000 individuals each year.

Thank you volunteers, Subash, and Kandace for protecting Emelda and her children!

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