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Emily protects her family against cholera

Dear David, Kandace, Molly, Thomas, and Volunteers,

Emily came in to the MED25 clinic in Mbita District, Keny today for antenatal care and education about prevention of illness during her pregnancy. She understands the importance of treated water as other members of her family have been affected by cholera, a disease transmitted through a water parasite. Emily currently boils her water to reduce the impacts but knows that is not the best way to prevent disease as sediment and bacteria still remain. Vincent, our MED25 nurse, instructed her on the use of Waterguard and how to add this to her practice of boiling water in her home. This will also further protect the drinking water for her newborn and her whole family.

Emily, with a big smile on her face, says “Ero Kamano!” which means ‘thank you’ in Luo, her tribal language, for the generous gift of a malaria net and Waterguard for her family! Thank you volunteers, Thomas, and Kandace for your generosity.

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