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$2,100 from 2 donors $3,000 goal
What is the “Twin Falls We Day” campaign?
  • “We Day” is a leadership conference that promotes young people to lead local & global change through their organization & participation in service projects in their schools around the country. Twin Falls Middle School is focusing their “We Day” campaign on supporting MED25′s efforts in providing healthcare services to Mbita, Kenya.
Where does my money go?
Twin Falls Middle School is joining MED25 International for their second partnership in educating our students about the basic healthcare needs of citizens in the community of Mbita, Kenya. This is an ongoing partnership between Twin Falls and MED25. This year the students’ fundraising efforts are aimed at mosquito nets to prevent malaria, water treatment drops to prevent waterborne illnesses, and the salaries to employee the needed health care providers who make a difference in the Mbita community every day.
Why participate?
Our goal for the students’ participation in “We Day” is to show them the positive impact service based outreach can have locally and globally. In Africa, access to basic healthcare is a major issue. The students of Twin Falls Middle School need your help to support MED25 in their efforts to continue providing affordable healthcare to Mbita community.
How do I know my donation will make a difference?
The MED25 clinic in Mbita, Kenya has treated over 20,000 patients with low or no cost health services since 2010. All donors will receive a story about an individual or family from Mbita whose life has been impacted by the generosity of your support!
Mar 17 Volunteers made a $25 contribution
Mar 8 Emily made a $15 contribution
$2,060 in offline donations

MED25 provides individuals in rural African communities with quality, culturally appropriate, and affordable health care. Our strategy is to concentrate on “One Community at a Time” which enables a higher level of quality care, allows MED25 to engage deeply with the community partners, and solidifies MED25’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of those we serve. MED25’s current community of focus is Mbita, Kenya, where the average life expectancy is 37 years of age, and HIV prevalence is around 30% of the population.

Twin Falls Middle School in North Bend, WA is joining MED25 International in an ongoing partnership to educate students about the basic healthcare needs of citizens in the community of Mbita. Two years ago, MED25 collaborated with Twin Falls Middle School students to raise money to purchase insecticide-treated mosquito nets under which a family of four can rest peacefully, reducing their exposure to malaria-carrying mosquitos. This year we are not only raising money for more mosquito nets, but also for clean drinking water and salaries for healthcare professionals needed to provide quality care to Mbita.

Two groups of Twin Falls Middle School students, Key Club and Natural Helpers, are organizing student-body participation in this campaign. Twin Falls Middle School students are excited to contribute positively to our global community through this collaboration with MED25 International.

MED25 and Twin Falls Middle School need your help to continue providing critical healthcare services to the Mbita community. The MED25 clinic in Mbita has provided over 20,000 patients with quality and affordable healthcare services since 2010. Please consider making a donation to aid MED25’s efforts in establishing sustainable healthcare solutions, One Community at a Time.

$2085 raised so far!

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Quality, Culturally Appropriate, and Affordable Health Care

MED25 International is a nonprofit organization that provides individuals in rural African communities with quality, culturally appropriate, and affordable health care, focusing on “One Community at a Time”. In accordance with Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, MED25 International strives to improve the health of a community in need. Mbita, Kenya is MED25’s current community of focus.

Thank you for your partnership in supporting MED25’s mission. Please visit for more information.